Merging Digital Platforms with Paper Planners

Written By Ashley Reynolds - October 28 2018


April 15 2019

Great post! Like you, I need to write down everything. One because it helps keep me organized but more importantly because I will forget things if I don’t. My biggest struggle in switching to or using a physical planner is I tend to be more techie and like paperless methods for most things. I also like things simple, so some of the planner ideas I see, didn’t resonate with me. So while I wanted to give it a try, I struggled with the decision. I made the plunge to a planner two months ago. I did it because I was becoming frustrated by the limits of technology but also because I started obsessing about owning a beautiful planner. I am actually implementing a lot of your suggestions and through the process, I am finding the strengths and weaknesses of both and using accordingly. My planner is simple, beautiful, and surprisingly, very useful!

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